Rutger Pauw

The thing I like most about photography is that it's like riding bikes. It allows me to come up with ideas and tricks I haven't seen before. Somehow that's what has always intrigued me most. It's a little personal victory, maybe unnoticed by others but the feeling of having created something you haven't seen before is why I take photos.

After art school and assisting a top photographer I was fortunate enough to find clients that had me travel the world and meet some amazing people on the way, through work my horizon expanded from my little world of BMX to other sports, finding the same attitude and determination with those people. It also taught me to focus more on the actual photo than on a trick.

Most of the concept photography you'll see on the website is my own, where ever possible I always try to suggest ways to make the outcome look different to clients.

After residing in London for three years I'm currently living in Rotterdam, The Netherlands working for companies worldwide.